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The technology of tomorrow
combines with the brightest minds
in horticulture at this major Kent
landmark. Producing millions
of sustainably-grown speciality
tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

On the north Kent coast near Birchington this commercial
greenhouse site has been operational since 2009. It’s the UK’s
most technologically-advanced site of its kind, with an
approximate investment spend of £125m. Around 18% of all
tomatoes grown in the UK are produced here. Construction
will continue until the site reaches its planned potential
with 55 hectares of glasshouse on the 95 hectare site.
Fresca Group is a joint venture partner in this business
along with three specialist grower companies.
The crops are grown specifically to serve demand in
the UK retail sector, with additional volumes
available for wholesale or foodservice.
Thanet Earth is an importer too, with great
operational capacity that benefits from the
very latest storage and packing systems.

Visit the Thanet
Earth website