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New, exciting varieties of plums,
nectarines, apricots are key to future
success in the stone fruit category.
CPC is commercialising the results of
years of investment in new varieties
by Fresca and our partners

What began as an interspecific breeding programme,
crossing strong performing varieties across plums, apricots
and nectarines in the main, has become a renowned source
of really interesting and commercially-viable new
varieties of stone fruit.

Based in South Africa, CPC is another example of an
innovative Fresca joint venture business, linking Fresca
with one of the leading growers in RSA. The trees
marketed by CPC are all from the Zaiger breeding
programme and are the results of years of
diligent research and development. The varieties
are designed to appeal to growers and to end
customers alike – breeding for flavour, colour,
yield, consistency and harvest window.