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A formidable fresh produce
partner for retailers and growers alike.
Broad product range, a global network,
huge operational capacity and business
process excellence make for an unrivalled
commercial proposition.

Linking growers with end customers and making sure that
perishable, delicate products pass through the supply chain
in the most efficient way possible is everyday work for Mack.

A market-leader with reputation built on quality of products
and strength of service, Mack is perhaps best known for
keeping the shelves of Britain’s best known retailers filled
with an enticing, diverse and tailored offer of fruit and
vegetables. Recent years have seen Mack adapt to
offer a service provision model, investing in ripening,
rapid cooling, packing and systems. The customer
base has expanded, with Mack now delivering for
food service customers and developing an export
offer too. Mack is an investor in varietal
development, helping secure longer term,
sustainable opportunities for growth.

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