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No ordinary vegetable company,
DGM Growers is where the more
exotic vegetable crops are found.
It’s the UK’s only commercial grower
of chicory, with fennel, chard,
celeriac, artichokes and pak choi
packed and sold too.

The operational home for DGM Growers is in Holbeach
in Lincolnshire, with commercial team based at The Fresh
Produce Centre at Paddock Wood. DGM is a subsidiary
of Mack, with the companies working closely together.

Most crops for DGM are UK-grown, with technologists
travelling extensively to support farmers and ensure
standards of product quality are met. The UK peas
and beans season is a particularly busy time.
Some crops are imported during non-UK season,
with teams at source working to procure and
helping with logistics.

Visit the DGM
Growers website